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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Open 24 hours

How busy does the Gym get?

Opening hours are 24/7, our members have the freedom to workout whenever they choose. Therefore because member load is spread out over the day, we don’t experience the same busy peak periods of other Gyms.

Where do I Park?

Signed parking is all around the surrounding areas.

Do I get a Personalised Programme and Orientation?

Yes, all new members get a personalised programme and orientation to the club. This will take approx. 45 mins and need to be booked in at reception at your convenience.

What do I bring to the Gym to Train?

A towel, covered shoes,access card, comfortable gym clothing and drink bottle.

How do I book a Personal Trainer?

Those interested in Personal Training or are wanting to book a time, contact the Club Manager.

Can I introduce a friend to the Gym?

Yes, simply bring them in during daytime hours Mon – Fri, or contact the Club Manager for access after hours.

Are Casual Passes available?

Yes, casual passes are available at reception during daytime hours Mon – Fri. They are $15 for a single visit.

How do I get into the Club outside of daytime hours?

To access the Club, simply swipe your 24/7 access card at the front door, thus unlocking the door. If you have forgotten your card or your card is not working, either have it with you at all times or contact the Club Manager. Members are instructed not to let anyone inside as this poses a security risk.

Are Gift Memberships or Vouchers available?

Yes, a great idea, they are. Come to the Gym reception during daytime hours Mon – Fri

Can I Put my Membership on Hold ?

Yes, you can put your membership on hold for a minimum 4 weeks, and a maximum 8 weeks over a 12 month period. Please email the Club manager.

If I have any questions about my Membership or Club, who do I speak to?

The Club Manager is happy to assist you with any questions or feedback. Please come in during daytime hours Mon – Fri to talk or contact through email (details here)

Why Not Ask in Person?

Drop by for a guided tour and we'll happily field any questions you may have.
We'll even toss in a free 3-day trial.